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Norbert Bürger studied music at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. He was part of many jazz and rock bands, and while doing this, he discovered the comedian in himself. For ten years, he toured with the cabaret duo “Orchester Bürger Kreitmeier”. This duo won many well-known cabaret prizes, including the Prix Pantheon, and the German Kleinkunst Prize. Bürger developed a stage character - a mixture of an inhibited, conservative personality and a slightly psychopathic e-guitar virtuoso. He now portrays this character - “Bürger from the hell” - in his current show, “I’m a rocker”. This is a bizarre rock show, also very popular with the German cabaret scene, and which has already won the audience prize at the international comedy/arts Moers Festival and the most important Cabaret award in Bavaria, the Scharfrichterbeil. Norbert Bürger is also a member of the Lach- und Schieß (“Laugh and shoot”) ensemble in Munic, its a very wellknowen cabaret quartet in Germany.

I’m a rocker

Who is Bürger from the hell?
Bürger from the hell lives in a flat in the Lerchenfeld part of Freising, a small town close to Munich. He has inherited this flat from his grandmother, and considers himself the toughest rock guitarist of his generation. After his studies in classical zither at the Richard Strauss Conservatory, he switched to rock guitar in order to meet more girls. With the help of YouTube, he has carefully collected all sorts of tricks, attitudes and poses from the great rock legends.

Bürger from the hell can completely concentrate on the development of his career as a rockstar, thanks to an unusual coincidence: the rocker from the ‘burbs is (thanks to an administrative error) sponsored by mistake by a foundation for hygiene products. Alongside building model aeroplanes and looking after his allotment, he therefore has plenty of time to prepare his big step into the limelight...

And now, the moment has arrived. Bürger from the hell is ready to present his public with a grand rock show, that will exercise your ears and your sides, from laughing so hard! Accompany the bourgeois devil on his way to the pinnacle of rock, and experience live how Bürger from the hell turns the stage into a whirling cauldron, with the help of a guitar, a loop machine and his beatbox. Wordplay and razor-sharp banter will also lead you alone the previously undiscovered path between cabaret and rock concert.

Comments from his UK Tour

Slow physical comedy slapstick character. Rock and Roll is my life. I’m from Germany, my English is not so happy. So committed to the character, deliberate and controlled. Very very good fun. Hit the beat into the groove deserves to become a techno classic! (Edinburgh)

He was absolutely the star of the night with his mixture of visual and audio slapstick-style comedy complete with baggy leather trousers and a velcro wallet round his neck which he kept his plectrums in. He got the biggest cheer of the night and he was thoroughly enjoyed by all. (Glasgow)

Fantastic. Unlike anything we've had. Broken english and slapstick movement - amazing on stage persona. (Newcastle)


Captivatingly virtuosic. Abendzeitung Munich

Perfect playing, and - thanks to loops, effects and beatboxing, fantastically full stage presence. Süddeutsche Zeitung

Best ever guitar comedy! Odenwälder Zeitung

As Norbert Bürger came on stage, he took the public’s breath away even before the first chord - because they were laughing so hard. With a neat side-parting, lederhosen and a flowered shirt, the shy conservative burned with punk rock attitude, like a firework. During his rock-comedy, he was masterfully chaotic with his guitar, humour and smoke machine. Echo

The audience loved it, and one round of applause followed another. The guitarist showed just how experimental and innovative music could be. A special rock show, that gave our ears and our sides a good work-out. Passauer Neue Presse

What begins quietly and shyly, turns into a rock concert, that would also be worthy of a bigger stage. WAZ

Norbert Bürger is a great comedian. Nassauische Neue Presse

Prizes and awards

Freising Culture Prize
Thüringer Cabaret Prize
German Satire Prize Prix Pantheon
European Cabaret Prize Roner surPrize
German Cabaret Prize in the Chanson/Music/Lied category
Award from the Moers Comedy-Art-Festival


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